Target Practicing Array

The Target Practicing Array is a passive acoustic system which detects and locates both, launch and impact events from indirect fire, such as Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM). Typical applications are for training, testing of ammunition and security at shooting ranges.

A system consists of a command post and typically 10 AMMS sensor posts. The quantity depends on the size and shape of the shooting area. Connected via dedicated communication link(wired or wireless) the sensors communicate their information to the command post. Range Control can monitor the situation and decide over the conduct of the exercise.

The Target Practicing Array uses AMMSs equipped with a Geo-boom, providing automatic position and orientation information. The Geo-boom can be used when a system is taken to a different training area for a short period and the same high level of accuracy is required as on the standard shooting range.

Using the Target Practicing Array, all shooting events are detected, located and displayed on an actual map in real-time. For evaluation, one can also look back at the events in the near past and get an overview of several days or weeks back.

Using the  Target Practicing system, live firing training is more effective and efficient. The end-user can use the system to effectively train their forward observers. As real time information is provided on all firing locations at the field, the training staff can quickly appreciate how well the gun-line is performing and how good is the information which passes the observers. Immediate action can be taken on incorrect calls for fire which prevents wasting time and ammunition.

Target Practicing Array is a very intuitive system to install and to use. This means training can be completed in just three days, including installation of the system on your range.

The system is a highly mobile and lightweight. Once being in operation, it provides 24/7. It can quickly be  installed on any range as it has low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). Due to its small footprint, the system is fast and easy to deploy. Various types of batteries can be offered for powering the system.

Target Practicing Array operates under all weather conditions (fog, rain, snow, dust storms, and in the dark). As a result you can fire on schedule, plan firing more accurately and make efficient use of any shooting range without wasting time or waiting for the weather to improve.

The Target Practicing Array was developed in close cooperation with the end-user (e.g. the Royal Netherlands Army), to support live firing exercises and to ensure safety on training ranges while firing Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM).

At Microflown AVISA we understand the importance of developing products that solve real issues for the end-user. That’s the reason why we spend as much time as possible in the field with our customers, making sure they obtain a better understanding of what they do and how they do it.

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