Vehicle Based Gunshot Localisation

The combat proven Vehicle based Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (V-AMMS) is a gunshot localisation system that is developed to be installed on vehicles and to provide the crew with a true 360° situational awareness by locating fire positions in a simple graphical user interface (GUI) by displaying the direction and distance to the hostile shooters.

The V-AMMS is based on the worldwide unique and extremely small Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) technology, developed by Microflown AVISA, unlike other acoustic systems in the marketplace using microphone arrays.

In comparison to these traditional microphone based arrays, the V-AMMS does not calculate and predict the direction of the hostile shooter position but instead measures the direction due to uniqueness of the AVS, giving a reliable directional accuracy for locating single shots, bursts from multiple shooters.



  • Directional accuracy: ±5°
  • Range accuracy: ±20%
  • Detection probability: up to 95%
  • Locates single shots, bursts and multi-shooters
  • Localisation range up to 1.500m (depending on effective range of caliber and environment)
  • Closest point of Approach (CPA): up to 200m
  • Driving speed: up to 60 km/h


  • AMMS (Power consumption 1.8 W)
  • Customised vehicle Mount
  • Display unit (stand-alone solution)
  • Box for powering and data, including cables


Integration options

  • Remote Weapon Station (slew-to-cue)
  • Electro Optics (slew-to-cue)
  • Battlefield Management System (GPS coordinates)

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