Ground Based Gunshot Localisation

The Ground Based Gunshot Localisation System is a Small Arms Fire (SAF) detection and localisation system, based on the worldwide unique and extremely small Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) technology developed by Microflown AVISA.

The Ground Based System for SAF uses the Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) to dramatically improve situational awareness. It is typically installed to provide protection of individual high value targets (i.e. isolated police stations, UN observation posts, tactical observation posts and etc.). The system accurately detects incoming SAF and locates the hostile shooter position, providing a true 360 degrees situational awareness. The AMMS C2 Software displays the direction and distance to the hostile shooters on a clock style display or shows grid coordinates on a map in real time.

The Ground Based Gunshot Localisation System consists of just one AMMS connected to a ruggedised tablet or laptop. The system has low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). Due to its compact size, setting up is fast and easy. The Ground Based System for SAF is based on measuring the directional acoustic particle velocity. This unique technology allows outstanding results on directional accuracy of 1.5 degrees and therefore greatly improves the ability to quickly counter attacks.

Knowing the Point of Origin (POO), greatly improves the survivability and the lethality of the unit under fire.

The Ground Based Gunshot Localisation System masters true multi-shooting scenarios with ranges of up to 1500m depending on the calibre. Projectiles passing the AMMS with a misdistance of up to 200m can still be used to locate the shooter, which outperforms traditional microphone based systems by far. The system operates in open terrain, undulating terrain and built-up areas, and it provides precise detection and localisation with extremely low false alarm rate, unlike other acoustic systems in the marketplace.

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